Behind The Mask by Robert Macneil

Robert MacNeil joins us once again on the POV blog with more of his stunning photography. This time we have Behind The Mask featuring models Tyla Tessier and Elena K and make up by Nina Müller.

Robert gave us his thinking on Behind The Mask, one of his most powerful series. “We live our lives, behind a mask, never truly showing who you are to others for fear of being rejected or judged. I wanted to focus on what hides behind beauty and what we consider beautiful as a society. What do you see? Two beautiful women, one dark haired, art covering her body and you think you know her? The other, a tall statuesque blonde, standing proud but that’s just the mask they both wear. One is terrified of how people perceive her, the other couldn’t care less. Do you think you know which is which. One raises cows and loves them, the other has an amazing sense of humour and will make you laugh for hours, but what do you see? You see the mask we all wear but not what is BEHIND THE MASK.”

Keep looking at the POV blog for more wonderful images from the insanely talented Robert MacNeil in the future.


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