David Montosa – photographer extraordinaire

We'd like to introduce you to a photographic force of nature, David Montosa. Supremely talented and full of ideas his photographs are some of the most incredible we've seen.

David was born in Malaga and has been creative since he was a child. He grew up loving drawing and modelling plasticine. He says it is because of this that he cannot recall the exact moment that he decided he wanted to keep on doing this in his future. "I have always known, somehow" he said. 

"Before starting at art school I had a lot prejudices, for instance with photography, which I considered to be a discipline made for people without painting skills. Now I realize I was completely wrong. Although physically they are not the same, there is not a real difference between a pen, a brush or a camera. Thanks to a classmate, who kindly loaned me her camera, I learnt that nowadays there are many options and ways to produce art. After the first click, I was only able to think of having my own camera and taking my own pictures so that my own world remained immortalised."

The images here represent just a drop in the ocean of David's imagination. With a bunch of great projects coming up you can expect to see a lot more from him right here on POV.



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