About us

It was a cold and stormy night.

The street lights had gone out and left behind them nothing but blackness. Not just a typical, everyday black, you understand, but a colour so devoid of life and light that when you looked out of the window you had the eerie suspicion that, somehow, a malevolent force had picked up your house and positioned it on the precipice of a black hole. 

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Chris. And that's pretty much it. That's how Passing Out Victorious was formed. (Edit. Think we might need to expand on this a little please, Ben)

Fine, Passing Out Victorious was born in September 2011 as a small project by two guys who thought it might be a good idea to have a go at promoting some of their talented friends' work.

Chris Pilkington and I (Ben Turner) didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. After reaching out to a few friends for some examples of their work we decided to extend the invitation to the Twitterverse. Writers and artists from all around the world started getting in touch, the work they sent was stunning and PoV Magazine was born.

The mag still exists but from this point on all work submitted and accepted by PoV will appear here, on the website, first. Then every six months the PoV team will pick their favourite pieces and create a bumper issue to be released online for free and, possibly, in a limited run print.

This means that Passing Out Victorious can promote more work more of the time. We want to be the first place you go for all the latest and best writing, art, poetry and photography by new and established artists from around the world. And we want you to be a part of it so if you have any work you want to see on these pages please go to our Submissions page and follow our simple guidelines.

We have also opened an agency, ready to help you with all your design, photography, writing and video work. Check out this page for more information.
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Passing Out Victorious is an online creative collective promoting the best work by the hottest new and established writers, artists, photographers and poets from all around the world. If you think you fit the description, hit the bullseye…